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Hello Everyone,

We at Hargray wanted to thank you for being a part of our original community pricing pilot program that we rolled out in Eagles Pointe a year ago.  Since our transition back to a family owned company we have been actively evaluating your pilot program.  As a result to the higher bandwidth speeds we originally implemented, service calls have dropped in the community by over 75%.  This shows us just how important the need for the higher bandwidth really was. As a result, we at Hargray in collaboration with your board of directors, are very excited to announce new higher speed profiles at the same special discounted community rates. 

These new levels would be:

200/20mpbs for $60

300/30mpbs for $70

500/50mpbs or 1GB for $80

Like before, residents are not required to change to the new levels or pricing.  You must however call into your special community line to make this change. We have a dedicated team of product specialists available to help you take advantage of the new pricing and assist in finding the right subscription level for you. You may contact this team directly at:843-815-2226 to schedule an appointment (some upgrades may be able to be handled over the phone). Please note this is a confidential community specific price for Eagles Pointe residents only.  If you were to call into our regular customer service line, or visit our Belfair office, those representatives will not be able to access your communities special pricing. You must call our Special Projects team at843-815-2226 to take advantage of this elevated Eagles Pointe Community offer. Additionally, when we have you on the phone, we will be able to assess the current equipment that you have in your home. If new equipment is needed, our techs will upgrade your equipment at the time of the visit. 

For customers who subscribe to our video services, we have an additional upgrades available that provide a variety of enhancements designed to improve the customer experience including, a new user interface, a new guide, additional channels in HD, and an available feature rich DVR with 6 tuners and whole home DVR capabilities. 

On behalf of Hargray and your Board of Directors we are excited to present this new program to you. If you have any questions, please feel free to email us at yourcommunity@htc.hargray.com

Grace Kurtz
Manager, Community & Developer Relations

June 18, 2018

Eagle’s Pointe and Hargray Communications Community Agreement

Eagle’s Pointe and Hargray Communications have entered into a new agreement. The new Hargray Eagle’s Pointe Community agreement is not an “Exclusive Contract”.  It is a “Preferred Provider Contract”.  If it were an:” Exclusive Contract” no other company would be allowed to provide cable, telephone or internet services in Eagle’s Pointe.

The agreement is for a 5-year period.

New Hargray Eagle’s Pointe Community Agreement summary and Resident options

Hargray Will Provide:

  1. Complimentary commercial services to the POA:
  2. High speed data connectivity at the front entrance.
  3. High speed data, telephone and Wi-Fi in the pool and pavilion area.
  4. Cable Tv, Wi-Fi in the Fitness Center.
  5. Eagle’s Pointe 3% of basic cable, telephone and internet services purchased by Eagle’s Pointe residents on a quarterly basis to the POA’s Annual Budget.
  6. At the POA’s request host two (2) community events annually.
  7. Annual review of Community services with the POA Board.
  8. Assign a dedicated Hargray community representative and supporting customer service resources for education days, new product launch events, etc.

8, Hargray has designated Mark Reinhart as our Eagle’s Pointe Representative. If you have questions or concerns about Hargray services, please contact Mark. Contact information:

Mark Reinhardt
Director, Community Relations
Office: 843-815-1988
Fax: 843-341-0906
Email: mark.reinhardt@htc.hargray.com

Eagle’s Pointe Resident Options:

  1. Television Services:
  2. Hargray
  3. Baseline of Stellar video service offered to all current and future video subscribers in the Community.
  4. Dish
  5. DirecTV
  6. Any streaming service (ROKU, HULU, Apple TV, Etc.

Telephone Service:

  1. Hargray
  2. Voice Over IP
  3. Cell Phones
  4. Internet Service:
  5.  Hargray will provide a baseline of 100 Mbps service to all current and future high-speed data subscribers in Eagle’s Pointe for $60 per month, with a price lock for 24 months from the effective date of the agreement.
  6. Additional upgrades will be available (300 Mbps service offered at $70 per month and 1 Gbps offered at $80 per month).
  7. Equipment fee for the applicable high-speed data service will be $4.00 per month.
  8. Upon request Hargray will provide a free in-home Wi-Fi optimization for Community resident’s.5. Hargray will provided high speed data subscribers with upgraded modem/routers with dual band Wi-Fi (unless the subscriber is already upgraded to the current model).
  9. The new internet speeds and equipment upgrades are voluntary.If you are satisfied with your current internet speed and equipment you can opt out of this upgrade and continue with your current speed and pricing.

Satellite Internet:

  1. Hughes Net
  2. Earthlink
  3. Any Satellite internet service

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