Member’s Room and Pavilion Reservations

Member’s Room Reservations

2020 DateNameTime
Every MondayMahJong6:45 pm --10:30 pm
March 12BOD Meeting3:30 pm
March 17Ladies Night7:00 pm
March 18ACC Meeting6:30 pm
April 9BOD Meeting3:30 pm
April 21Ladies Night7:00 pm
April 22ACC Meeting6:30 pm
May 14BOD Meeting3:30 pm
May 19Ladies Night7:00 pm
May 20ACC Meeting6:30 pm
June 11BOD Meeting3:30 pm
June 16Ladies Night7:00 pm
June 17ACC Meeting6:30 pm
July 9BOD Meeting3:30 pm
July 15ACC Meeting6:30 pm
July 21Ladies Night7:00 pm
August 13BOD Meeting3:30 pm
August 18Ladies Night7:00 pm
August 19ACC Meeting6:30 pm
September 10BOD Meeting3:30 pm
September 15Ladies Night7:00 pm
September 16ACC Meeting6:30 pm
October 8BOD Meeting3:30 pm
October 20Ladies Night7:00 pm
October 21ACC Meeting6:30 pm
November 12BOD Meeting3:30 pm
November 17Ladies Night7:00 pm
November 18ACC Meeting6:30 pm
December 10BOD Meeting3:30 pm
December 15Ladies Night7:00 pm
December 16ACC Meeting6:30 pm

Pavilion Reservations


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