Member’s Room and Pavilion Reservations

Member’s Room Reservations

2019 DateDayTimeName
June 3Monday6:45 pm --10:30 pmMah Jongg
June 10Monday6:45 pm --10:30 pmMah Jongg
June 12Wednesday6:00 pm -- 7:00 pmBOD Meeting
June 13Thursday3:30 pm BOD Meeting
June 13Thursday6;00 pm -- 7:00 pmBOD Meeting
June 17Monday6:45 pm --10:30 pmMah Jongg
June 19Wednesday6:30 pmACC Mtg.
July 1Monday6:45 pm --10:30 pmMah Jongg
July 8Monday6:45 pm --10:30 pmMah Jongg
July 11ThursdayBOD Meeting
July 15Monday6:45 pm --10:30 pmMah Jongg
July 22Monday6:45 pm --10:30 pmMah Jongg
July 24Wednesday6:30 pmACC Mtg.
July 29Monday6:45 pm --10:30 pmMah Jongg

Pavilion Reservations

2019 DateDayTimeNameAddress
July 15Monday5:00 pm -- 9:00 pmPolaski3 Mulligan
July 20Saturday4:00 pmEPConcert Series
June 22Saturday4:00 pmEPConcert Series
July 21Sunday11:00 am -- 9:00 pmWessell10 Abingdon / Party
August 10Saturday2:00 pm -- 6:00 pmPayne10 Royal Bay / Pool Party
August 17Saturday4:00 pmEPConcert Series
August 31Saturday1:00 pmEPLabor Day Picnic
September 21Saturday8:00 am -- NoonEPYard Sale
September 28Saturday4:00 pmEPConcert Series
October 19Saturday 10:00 am -- 2:00 pmMoore3 Stockton / Son & Dgt of Pilgrims
October 26Saturday4:00 pm -- 10:00 pmAlexanderEagles Halloween Party
November 15Friday3:00 pm -- 10:00 pmCaruso97 Muirfield / Fam Reunion
December 14SaturdayEPChristmas Party

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