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Hello Everyone,

Your Community Pricing is here! Over the last year we have been in discussions with your Board of Directors and Property Manager on ways to improve your experience as a Hargray customer. Research on internet speed subscriptions in Eagles Pointe have shown us that we have an opportunity to allow customers to leverage our networks capabilities, while improving our pricing structure. As a result, we are very excited to announce new higher speed profiles at substantially discounted rates that were developed specifically for the Eagles Pointe community.


To make the transition to the new discounted rates easier for everyone, anyone who is already taking advantage of the Community Based Pricing in Eagles Pointe will automatically be moved to the new rates/speed based upon your bill on 7/1/23.  Most residents/owners will notice a speed increase to their services and/or a monthly pricing decrease.  Many residents and owners will notice and experience both.

To understand if you are a customer who will automatically be transitioned over to the new speed/pricing on 7/1/23, it’s easy.  Take a look at your current bill; If you see a notation for “Community Based Pricing”, then you WILL automatically be transitioned over, and will NOT need to call in to elect for the new speed/pricing.  If you do not see “Community Based Pricing” on your bill, but see an “Internet Discount” notation and/or nothing listed this means you are not currently subscribed to the “Community Based Pricing” program and you will have to call in to elect for the new pricing (See Examples below).

For those of you who are not automatically transitioning over to the NEW Community Based Pricing on 7/1/23. Please call your Community Engagement Center Specialists On or After 7/1/23 at: 877-427-4729 to take advantage of this program. Any calls received prior to 7/1/23 will result with our representatives not being able to assist, as the new pricing program for Eagles Pointe will NOT be available in our system until 7/1/22. Thank you for your understanding on this.

Exclusive offer for your community:

300/30mbps for $40.00 monthly (plus taxes/equipment and fees)

500/50mpbs for $50.00 (plus taxes/equipment and fees)

1GB for $65 plus (plus taxes/equipment and fees)

(community pricing cannot be combined with any other new customer/promotional offers)

We have a dedicated team of product specialists available (on and after) 7/1/23 to help you take advantage of the new pricing and assist in finding the right subscription level for you. You can contact this team directly at: 877-427-4729 to schedule an appointment (some upgrades may be able to be handled over the phone). Please note; Any calls received prior to 7/1/23 will result with our representatives not being able to assist with the above pricing offer.

For customers who subscribe to our video services, we have an additional upgrades available that provide a variety of enhancements designed to improve the customer experience including, a new user interface, a new guide, additional channels in HD, and an available feature rich DVR with 6 tuners and whole home DVR capabilities. 

On behalf of Hargray and your Board of Directors we are excited to present this new program to you. If you have any questions, please feel free to email us at: [email protected]

Thank you again from your neighborhood communications provider,

The Community Relations Team at Hargray

Grace Kurtz

Manager of Community and Developer Relations | Hargray

Mobile: 843-422-4351

925 Fording Island Rd.

Bluffton, SC, 29910

[email protected]


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